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Listed below are two video links for the Grant Riveters high-speed X-Y-Z orbital riveting system. To download the latest player follow this link Windows Media Player.
Clips are should be viewed with a high speed internet connection due to file size.

   Single Pallet X-Y-Z Riveter    

Video Clip #2

Dual Pallet X-Y-Z Riveter


  •  X-Y axis speed = 35 inches per second.

  •  Riveting cycle time = 0.25 to 0.75 seconds per rivet.

  •  Clip #1 Riveter capacity = 8MM solid steel diameter rivet.

  •  Clip #2 Riveter capacity = 12MM solid mild steel diameter rivet.

  •  Clip #3 - Twin-Spin™ Roller Forming with 100% Real-Time Monitoring, Control and Inspection System.

  •  Program capacity = 50 programs total with unlimited profile.

  •  Z axis control = Grant EOS (End Of Stroke) sensor accurate to 4-psi repeatability.

  •  Product hold down = mechanical spring 100 lbs adjustable.

  •  Clip #1 Total cycle = four rivets in 4.5 seconds.

  •  Clip #2 Total cycle = seven rivets in 9.5 seconds.

  •  Riveter tooling fixtures are expandable including cycle profile.

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